Piers Baillie Founder.

Piers is a qualified marine biologist with a first class degree from the University of Plymouth (UK). He has established a number of research, monitoring and marine conservation programs in the Gulf of Thailand, working closely with the Thai Department of Marine & Coastal Resources, as well as international post-doctorate researchers, schools and universities.

Having gained significant experience working in the tropics, Piers has developed a marine ecology and conservation program that is taught to students of all ages from around the world. He has also developed unique internships that provide a platform for individuals to engage in active marine conservation projects, giving them the knowledge, skills and opportunity to gain experience working in the underwater world.

Piers is a published author, and his textbook 'An Introduction to Corals and The Reefs They Form' is available in paperback from Amazon. He has a keen interest in educating our next generation, and has designed a program of workshops, lectures, tutorials and interactive sessions which are adapted to suit students between Reception and Year 13.

As an award winning, and featured underwater photographer, Piers is able to bring personal experiences and real-life examples into both his teaching and training programs, offering a unique insight into the field of marine conservation.

To visit Piers' photography portfolio, click here

Gavin Miller Project Manager/Scientific Diving Program Director.

Gavin completed his MSc masters degree in Marine Environmental Management from the Univeristy of Exeter, where he researched whether evocative images of charismatic marine wildlife could increase individual awareness, concern, and behaviour towards plastic pollution. Having also completed a degree in Psychology, Gavin aims to combine both biological and social aspects as he pursues his career in marine conservation. His research interests also include furthering our ecological understanding of key reef-associated indicator species, as well as the development of effective local management strategies. Gavin is currently co-authoring a research paper on the relative impacts of corallivory to reefs within the Gulf of Thailand.

Getsamol Chaona (Pooka) Project Manager, Field technician, Department of Marine & Coastal Resources (DMCR) associate.

Pooka has gained significant experience working in the field of reef restoration, often representing the Department of Marine & Coastal Resources (DMCR). She has helped to develop training programs for the DMCR, and has been instrumental in the establishment of an island-wide restoration project in Koh Tao, Thailand. Pooka fulfills an invaluable role in many of Global Reef's active research and conservation projects, and is key to the communication of the organisation's work in Thailand.

Dr Pauliina Ahti Post-doctoral researcher.

Pauliina has worked across the world - from sub-zero waters to tropical reefs, as a marine researcher and scientific diver. Pauliina's research interests focus on studying the ecology and evolution of fish, completing a PhD on 'The impacts of fishing and environmental stressors utilising ecological network theory'. Her work has earnt her a number of publications in scientific journals, as well as invitations to speak at conferences and workshops. Alongside her ongoing post-doctoral research, Pauliina has also worked as a dive safety officer, and is affiliated with the University of Miami.

Megan Stephens Research assistant and social media manager.

Following her master's research within the field of biological sciences, Megan was eager to carry her knowledge and skillset into the world of marine conservation. Megan has worked as a research assistant, operations manager, dive instructor, and conservation project manager - all of which allow her to help deliver an important message within the social media world. Megan is currently co-authoring a research paper linked to the ecology and management of Crown of Thorns starfish.