In parallel with the dive-based conservation programs, Piers has also worked closely with a number of international schools in both Thailand and the UK over the past three years.

Combining the knowledge and experience gained from his scientific background, marine biology university degree and ongoing research, Piers has developed educational programs that introduce students to a variety of different marine-based topics, highlighting why they are important within the realm of marine conservation.

Education For All Ages

Piers has delivered a number of workshops, presentations, lectures and tutorials to a range of year groups, from Reception - Year 13, adapting topics so that they are applicable to and can be understood by students of all ages. These are interactive, and include a range of both academic and creative elements.

The topics and subjects that are included, provide students with a knowledge and understanding of coral reefs, the biology and ecology of key marine organisms, and the role these animals play in maintaining a healthy and balanced ecosystem. Workshops also examine the specific threats these organisms face, as well as ways in which we as individuals can support the protection and conservation of important species. During the workshops, Piers also discusses the work of Global Reef and other conservation organisations focussing on their research and conservation projects.


A Personal Touch

Piers teaches many of the topics that feature in his published textbook, 'An Introduction to Corals and The Reefs They Form.' As a passionate and award winning underwater photographer, workshops also include many of the photos taken during his dives around the world. These allow him to share individual experiences and encounters with the abundant and diverse marine life he has captured behind the lens - enthusing and encouraging students to engage in the conservation of coral reefs and marine ecosystems.


Bringing The Reefs To You

Working with a partnered organisation, Global Reef has developed an educational virtual reality experience that allows students to explore reefs and marine organisms from the their classrooms. 360 degree, virtual reality videos that feature footage from a range of underwater environments, allow students to see first-hand much of what they have learnt during the workshops, giving them a true sense of what it is like to be part of the underwater world. This new and innovative technology instills a deep passion for the marine environment from a young age, helping raise awareness and a desire to engage in marine conservation efforts.