Scientific Research Support

In addition to projects established by Global Reef around Koh Tao, the organisation also provides support to scientists and organisations across the world, aiding their own, ongoing research projects. We have collaborated with a number of Masters, PhD and post-doctoral scientists who are looking to apply their research questions within a coral reef ecosystem, and welcome opportunities to build further partnerships.

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Global Reef offers collaborative support in the form of conducting research/survey dives around Koh Tao’s local reefs on behalf of partnered researchers. Our team of highly trained field technicians are able to gather comprehensive data sets for researchers and organisations, removing the requirements for, and costs associated with local field work.

Having gained extensive data sets from Koh Tao’s reef ecosystems, Global Reef also provides an opportunity for scientists and other organisations to collaborate on research projects, by offering them empirical data sets, 3D models, and imagery gathered in-situ.

Our research support extends across the world, and continues to grow. We would be delighted to host further conversations with researchers looking to extend their projects into coral reef environments without the need to travel to the tropics, or those interested in using data gathered by Global Reef for the purpose of their own research. We would be very happy to arrange a video call to discuss new collaborations and partnerships.

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