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Marine Conservation Internships, Koh Tao, Thailand

Global Reef's marine conservation internships in Koh Tao, Thailand, educate and train individuals in reef ecology, biology and conservation, giving them the knowledge and skillsets that allow them to become part of the research dive team, where they will participate in active underwater research, monitoring and conservation projects.

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At the outset, interns enrolled on the marine conservation internships in Koh Tao will be introduced to key topics relating to coral reefs and the reef associated organisms that inhabit these ecosystems. Other topics from course director, Piers' textbook, 'An Introduction to Corals and The Reefs They Form', are taught. These take an in-depth look into coral reefs, threats to these environments, and reef conservation. Interns will develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the biology and ecology of reef-associated corals, fish and invertebrates. Through direct observations during dives, interns will see first-hand the key interactions that occur between these different organisms, helping them to understand the essential roles each organism fulfils in maintaining a balanced and healthy ecosystem.

Interns will also develop a range of ID skills over a series of dives, for marine organisms, as well as the threats evident on different coral reefs. They will be taught skills in the use of different survey methods for underwater research purposes - essential for when interns participate in underwater research, monitoring, and conservation projects set up by Global Reef in Koh Tao.

For interns who enrol on a two-month internship they will gain further experience during the second month working on all of Global Reef's projects, becoming a crucial research diver and member of the data collection team. Interns can expect to contribute to all of Global Reef's marine research, monitoring, and conservation projects, completing up to 10 dives per week!

The Global Reef Marine Conservation internships provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to gain knowledge and hands-on experience working with a marine conservation organisation. In doing so, they will collect valuable data from Koh Tao's reef ecosystem, contributing to collaborative projects with the Thai Department of Marine & Coastal Resources (DMCR), as well as scientific research publications. Interns will play a key role in Koh Tao's protection and conservation in years to come.

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(Prices starting from 60,000THB)

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Never dived before?

Not a problem - all preliminary dive training is available on site with highly qualified and experienced instructors. Good in-water competence, confidence, and fine-tuned buoyancy skills, ensure individuals will get the most out of their internship. Prerequisites to all conservation internships therefore include the qualifications listed below.

Open Water
• Advanced Open Water
• Rescue Diver*

(*Includes First Aid & Oxygen Provider Courses).